j3s.net is the personal archival site of Jesica Carson Davis, a writer and photographer from Chicago, currently living in Berlin Brooklyn Denver.

I began this site in 1998 as an archive of pictures and words. At the time, I was living in Sydney, Australia, and wanted a backup of all my favorites, easily accessible for reference; documentation is my only defense against the quiet forgetting that time brings to experiences.

There is no real design to this site; obviously, it's text-based. The HTML has been coded by my hand, and I apologize for any inconsistencies in the navigation. It's grown organically, and while eventually I might be motivated enough to restructure, right now I have other projects to attend to. Until 2003 I avoided capitalization in personal work, but now I'm OK with it. Hence: another inconsistency. I adore the color brown, monospaced typewriter fonts, usability, and a minimal aesthetic. Go ahead, look around.