Commentary - Lomolog

(I take pictures, I make notes.)

This batch, still on 100 speed film, came out way better than the first. One thing I've learned: the processing makes an incredible difference. Instead of taking it to a cheap drugstore for one hour processing, I took it to Triangle, an imaging place that let me do matte, with borders. They looked so much better! That, and I remembered to set the focus.

The pictures posted today were taken at 2 or 3 weeks ago, I just haven't gotten around to posting them till now. So much for a learning curve.

I've been told that I should start using the Healing tool in Photoshop, but I need to get a newer copy. I guess it's good for repairing scratches and stuff on the image.

I'm still not sure if I like the layout of the Lomolog; I am just trying to do something different than my usual Photolog layout, which hasn't changed in a year and a half. Since it's not updated very often, I think about merging the two, but haven't done so. Perhaps eventually.


So, now I own a Lomo. The pictures posted today are from the first couple rolls of film shot with it. I'm definitely not used to film; I haven't touched my other camera since acquiring a digital a year and a half ago. But wanting to learn something different, have a new toy, all that other stuff; I bought a Lomo.

First of all, I had to retrain myself to set the focus. I was so used to my camera doing it for me that I forgot to do so for almost the first whole roll of film. Oops. Some people are really into that whole lomo-aesthetic, but it just seems blurry to me. Also, with the automatic aperture, I have a really shallow depth of field when focusing close. Time to get more comfortable with setting aperture.

One thing I do like about it though is how fast it is: no turning on the camera and waiting for it to boot up. Just open and click. Oh, and remembering to set the focus.

I'm not really happy with how the first couple rolls were developed, but that's my fault: I took them to Walgreens. No more of that. I felt that the contrast was way off, and some other stuff that I lack the vocabulary to describe. Jeffrey looked at them and agreed though, and he has a degree in photography.

Also, the scanner that I'm using leaves some grayed-out left-hand edges. If the picture allows, I cropped them out, but sometimes they remain.

This camera is going to have a much higher learning curve than my other one. So much time goes by between when I take the pictures and when I see them that I forget what I did for a specific effect. I need to shoot a couple rolls with different settings and take notes.

Oh, all these pictures were done on 100 speed film.