warning: lots of architecture-dork pictures ensue.

burano   venice   la biennale di venezia   murano   


burano is a small island a short boat ride
from venice where most of the houses
are painted different colours.

the main canal
climbing vine
an arch
lara and jeff
i like this bike
lara in a courtyard
purple curtain
brown shutters
the reddest flowers ever
burano 69
houses and a field
election signs
me in burano
peeling paint
jeff and lara, changing film
a gate
detail of a glass brick
pink flowers in a pretty vase
me eating gelato
juxtaposition on a wall
detail of purple wall


wow. venice is incredible and the pictures
don't begin to account for it.

jeanette winterson's words in
the passion begin to.

a canal
a house on the grand canal
trying to find anything, much less your hotel, is a challenge
me sitting in a window
a gondola, which i did not ride, from our window
the water was easy to watch
a fish
after getting drunk by a canal
a church
detail of a skull
a small shrine
look, another picture of a canal!
circles on a house
statues on a roof
the guggenheim

la biennale di venezia

the biennale is a biannual art festival in venice
where representatives of 50-60 different countries show work.
by the end of the day, i was all arted out.

a sign
art for a better life
this is a log
synth in perma-dischord
jes as barbarella
lara and jeff were also pink
disco ball
a whole floor of this
little people seemed to be a theme
these were machines that bowed
this tunnel was full of bass
jeff and lara and a remote controlled ceiling
a whole lot of glass bulbs


murano is an island near venice where
blowing glass has been
the primary trade for centuries.

an oven
he's making an angel
note the chandelier
this is not murano, but a ruin near it

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